Bix Mannion


Bix Mannion is an excellent instructor. Mastery of his subject with experience and learning from some outstanding teachers in his past.  He has the ability to teach by demonstration as well as verbal expression. He has an unusual sensitivity to each students level of achievement and needs, and tailors his individual assistance with each person accordingly.  This was one of the experiences I appreciated most. His ability to communicate and the desire to teach makes the entire experience worthwhile. I am trying to discover the unique ways for me to paint based upon the basics which I learned from Bix.

Lyman Sale

I have taken a lot of classes in the past and have known many teachers in Art and he stands out among the top of the list. He is a very dedicated teacher and very sharing in his classes. He really wants you to succeed, plus he is very modest and charming with everyone young and old.  I think you have a winner dear and hope that his classes continue to attract students.

Jennifer Messina

I really enjoyed Mr. Mannion's class. I have done a few more portraits since the end of his class and have progressed to doing family members. The results are pleasing to me and my family members have been complementary so I am making progress. With more practice I may even get good. Although this is only the second art class I've taken, I think Bix did a good job. With other classmates of different levels of experience, he allowed us to progress at our own pace and was able to structure his content to help each one differently.  

James Campbell