Bix Mannion

Commissioning a portrait

Withe every portrait I strive to create a unique a personal work of art that captures and honors the subject in a memorable way.


Although I prefer to work from a live model, I know (especially when painting children) that that may not always be a realistic way to go in which case I will employ a professional photographer. The photos will be reviewed with the client for their feedback and together we will decide which photo to ultimately use.


I will then complete the painting in my studio. Although many portraits are completed with photographic reference, I encourage live sittings when possible.


Portraits fees begin at $1000. Please contact the artist for details at or by phone at 215-756-2113.


Bix took the time to come to our home to personally get to know my son, Patrick and our family dog, Cocoa. Bix was able to captured the true friendship that exists between Patrick and Cocoa. Bix was amazing. He was also able to place both Patrick and Cocoa into a setting that reflects our Irish Heritage. The Portrait hangs on a wall that is a central focal point in our home. Our families, guests and of course, ourselves are constantly reminded of the true friendship that Pat and Cocoa have! Thank you Bix!!!   

Patrick Keenan

A little while back, my friend Bix offered to paint a portrait of me. I jumped at the opportunity. It being trout season, sitting by the creek, rod in hand, seemed to be the perfect setting. Two and a half sittings later (very relaxing I might add) I had a portrait of me that I’ll cherish forever and is in fact my Facebook profile picture, and that I even ordered an extra copy made.

Eric Hildebrandt

How fortunate for us to have met Bix! We had a picture of our children that was taken on the beach many years ago when they were young that we always loved. Having a painting of the photo was always a dream of ours and when we bought a home in Florida we had the right place to have the painting!! As soon as we saw Bix' work we knew he was the Artist to make our dream come true! He spent an immense amount of time and energy looking at all aspects of the beach surroundings in order to replicate the sun, clouds, water and nuances of the shading of the sand. We are extremely appreciative of Bix' dedication to our project and the painting that we enjoy every single day far exceeds our expectations.

Carmen and Larry Lawrence of Sarasota